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Outrigger canoe racing is a growth sport in Australia and the world and is particularly suited to the water-based environment of Townsville, our home city.

The sport is relatively inexpensive and features both sprint and marathon events that offer an opportunity for all paddlers to compete nationally and internationally. It is a sport in which all ages from 10 years to 100 and over can and do compete.


The disciplines of the sport include the team based six (OC6) person canoes and the popular solo (OC1) canoe, two-person (OC2) canoes and recently introduced three person (OC3) for competition.



Start of a race. (courtesy Harvie Allison)


The Townsville Outrigger Canoe club (TOCC) introduced outrigger canoeing to Townsville in 1990 and is a stable well-respected group of approximately one hundred persons pursuing the ideals of the sport. Since foundation the Club had progressed from owning one old canoe to fleet of modern and relatively new vessels to accommodate the growth within our club.


The club is independent financially and constitutionally which can be attributed to sound financial management, good planning and constructive activities that have attracted new members to the club. We hold regular social meetings with greet barbeques and we interact well with the other outrigger clubs in Townsville. 



Location & Exposure


We are fortunate that the Townsville City Council has allowed us to keep our canoes on the Strand beach where we get excellent exposure through the approximately ten thousand visitors to the strand over the average weekend.

Our canoes can also be seen during all seasons training on Cleveland Bay and also in a wide range of out of town areas as we travel to events held in areas ranging from Rockhampton to Port Douglas.




The Strand -Townsville


National Outrigger Association Representation


TOCC is affiliated with the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association www.aocra.com.au/ the National Peak Body and is one of the twenty clubs situated in the Northern Queensland Zone. The club is fortunate that Mrs Ramona Milligan, a life member of our club, has also served for many years on the NQ Zone Committee as Secretary, and has just retired as President of the peak body AOCRA Inc.




Good Sports (Healthy Clubs. Strong Communities)


TOCC has been recognised by the Australian Drug Foundation a an Accredited Club which indicates that our club is highly professional in our approach to the sport and promotion a healthy and family friendly sports club. For more information visit www.GoodSports.com.au





It has been our pleasure to assist in seminars to educate coaches for the sport. This has brought to Townsville the most highly qualified educators and we endeavor to spread our good fortune among persons of like mind




Our members actively assisted in hosting the WORLD SPRINT OUTRIGGER TITLES in Townsville during August 2000. Our club committed to assisting our national body to host the event as far back as 1996. This was a major coup for Townsville and continues to attract many new persons to the sport.




TOCC is proud to be involved in many community activities and regularly assist “Sporting Wheelies” to have a fun day and try the sport. We also conduct weekly free instruction on Outrigging to any member of the public wishing to try our sport. We actively participate in special events such as the Whitsunday’s Cultural Festival ‘Paddle Through History’, have been included in Townsville‘s Fire and Water Festival and also the Tall Ships welcome flotilla and is currently assisting with the Thuringowa Riverway Project.





To build a high profile, competitive outrigger canoe club in the city of Townsville that offers a friendly way to develop a high degree of skills and fitness for the purpose of competition and social interaction.

For this purpose we have set aside an amount of members’ money in a special account as a building fund.  We are endeavoring to get sufficient funds to build a club house for our members.


 To pursue the goal of city and State representation and ultimately International level competition.




  • To raise community awareness and participation in the sport of Outrigger Canoe Racing.


  • To be a competitive club within the geographical zone of Northern Queensland as well as at the State, Nationally and international level.


  • To provide the necessary internal structure and resources to encourage members to train and compete for the city and our club.


  • To provide education facilities for training coaches and members to facilitate better and accredited methods.


  • To serve on committees at all levels of the sport and to contribute to the objects and aims of the national Body.




  • To widen the membership base to accommodate all age groups from Senior Master to junior division for active participation in competition in six person and solo canoes.
  • Ultimately construct a club house for members.


  • To purchase additional canoes as funds become available to accommodate all members.


  • To ensure the club is seen at any water based event in Townsville and at all organised regattas throughout the season.


  • Offer the use of canoes and instructors to students in order to increase awareness of the sport to Townsville youth.


  • Target youth groups (e.g. Police Youth Clubs, schools) and make Outrigging available as an alternative sport and / or recreational activity.





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