Juliette's Magnetic Island Magic


North Queensland Zone - Round 4 


Sunday, 11 June 2023


Freemason's Park Pallarenda, Townsville 


Event Overview

This great event comprising changeover and iron formats allow paddlers to experience paddling in the tropical waters near Townsville in North Queensland. The races are open to combined club, national and international crews.

Juliette's Magnetic Island Magic is a 37-kilometre course around the UNESCO World Heritage listed Magnetic Island with its stunning scenery and variable conditions. The course starts on the sandy Pallarenda Beach, traverses the inner Middle Reef, before entering deeper waters near Picnic Bay on the eastern side of the island. After the paddlers catch runners through the gap between the infamous Orchard Rock and the island they begin to head along the rocky escarpment of the northern coast where they will normally encounter rolling waves with a breeze at their backs. The final stretch is across the relatively shallow strait between West Point and Pallarenda at which point paddlers can dream of tail winds.

The in-water changeover is performed from escort motorboats. For the brave hearted, all categories of craft can do this event iron.

In addition, a beach changeover is also available. Motorboats or 4WDs will transport the resting crews from beach to beach. Some local transport is available but is limited and early booking for boat or vehicle is recommended. In total 4 secluded beaches will be visited and are approximately 8 kilometres apart. Due to the necessity to enter bays this race is longer at approximately 41 kilometres.


          Program 2023 Juliette's Magnetic Island Magic

Updated 24 January 2023


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