Townsville Outrigger Canoe Club Inc Club History: The Townsville Outrigger Canoe Club introduced outrigger canoeing to Townsville in 1990 through our founding members Ramona & Bill Milligan with one old canoe and a group of well respected persons pursuing the ideals of the sport based at the Townsville Motor Boat Club In 1993 the club was incorporated as a not for profit organisation with the constitution stating: “The objects for which the Association is established are to promote and encourage the sport of outrigger canoeing, to provide and maintain regatta areas and accommodation for regatta and social functions, to provide amenities for members and the encouragement of good fellowship among its members” This set it's sites on growing the profile of Outrigging Canoeing, increasing membership and providing Outrigger Canoeing opportunities to the Townsville community The club moves to the Strand Beach in 2000 as part of an agreement between TOCC, Townsville City Council and PBSLS with used of the PBSLS facility and locate our canoes on the Strand beach opposite the Strand & Kennedy St Roundabout. This location gave us exceptional exposure to local and visiting traffic and raised our visible profile and enhanced the exposure of our sponsors. The club promotes participation and networking through sport with an emphasis on health, fitness, building self esteem, developing teamwork skills and encouraging people to become involved in their local community. Our members conduct twice weekly lessons open to the public on Outrigger canoeing. Advertises and conducts twice yearly come and try Outrigging Open Days to encourage greater participation in Sport. The club as a hole regularly attends public events, holds social functions for members and their families all to strengthen community involvement, social friendships, promote sport and the benefits that it provides for families and the local community. With Active involvement in the community through events below and strong support of our Regular Come & Try Outrigging Sign on Days the Club grows to a record membership level of 130 paddlers in 2007. Our canoes are seen during all seasons training on Cleveland Bay and also in a wide range of out of town areas as we travel to events held in areas ranging from Rockhampton to Port Douglas The club also raises the profile of sport in general through the above activities as will as a yearly Townsville Regatta with clubs from Port Douglas to Rockhampton. These events attract in excess of 400 paddlers all displaying and promoting the benefits of sport, fitness and good health. Over the clubs years of operation the club has achieved great success both on and off the water, achieved sound financial management, good planning and constructive activities. This has allowed the Club to grow to a fleet of modern canoes, becomes independent financially and constitutionally achieving a strong financial position. For the first time in the clubs history we have a 10 Year Licence to operate over a block of land at Pallarenda. This now opens the door to grant applications previously not available and access to major funding. The future of our club is secure, our goals within reach and only the sky the limit to our success.. Run 100% by volunteers